Vote No on Prop 2

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 19:00

I am writing to urge residents of Chugiak-Eagle River to join me in voting against Prop. 2 on the April ballot. Prop. 2 is a $2.6 million dollar area wide bond that traditionally includes items which benefit and are paid for by all voters in the municipality. However this year, it also includes bridge and dam rehab and school crossing upgrades, items which we have historically paid for out of our own road service area taxes or with direct state grants. I believe approving this bond means voters in Chugiak-Eagle River will be paying twice, once out of our own road mill levy and again out of the area wide mill rate. I voted against it when it came before the Assembly and I will be doing so again on April 2.


— Debbie Ossiander


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