"Alaska running on empty"? Oh, BS!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 19:00

A friend just handed me a copy of the Feb. 5th article in the Star entitled “Alaska running on empty”

The Star as well as a whole lot of others have “been had” by Enstar et al. There is a lot of proven gas available in Cook Inlet, 1.8 trillion cubic feet, according to DNR. When Enstar only contracts for 97 percent of the gas Enstar needs, then Enstar has problems — self-generated problems. Even Governor Parnell came out and challenged the Cook Inlet gas shortage scam. If Enstar wants gas, Enstar has to contract for the gas that Enstar needs. No company in their right mind is going to get set up to produce gas unless they can sell that gas and pay for that investment and make a profit.

Hilcorp, who bought out Marathon Oil Company, said that Hilcorp is only going to keep a couple years supply of gas on hand because it is not cost effective to keep more than that amount of gas on hand. I suggest the Alaska Star read the ‘Petroleum News’ articles on Hilcorp or call Kristen Nelson or Kay Cashman; they are going to bite the Star. The Alaska Star can simply call up Hilcorp and the other small Cook Inlet explorers ask about the Cook Inlet gas situation.

Mayor Dan Sullivan’s ‘brown outs’ are just part of the ongoing gas shortage scam.

Support Valdez. Tell your legislator to vote no on HB 4, we do not need a State ‘paid for’ forced gasline from the North Slope to Cook Inlet. That is as dumb as “carrying Coal to Newcastle” for those old enough to remember. There are between 13 tcf to 27 tcf of gas yet to be discovered in the Cook Inlet Basin, we have a hundred years of gas and then some.


— Jerry McCutcheon


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