"New Businesses for Eagle River"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 19:00

From the Knik Arm Courier, March 25, 1970:

A number of new businesses will be opening soon at the Eagle River Shopping Center.

Already open is Ruth’s Beauty Shop, located in the rear of the space next to Alaska Cleaners. On April 2, the front part of that space will be occupied by the Chugiak Barber Shop.

The barber shop will be managed by Mrs. Doris Black, who has been a barber for ten years, the past four at the Elmendorf NCO Club. She stated that she particularly welcomes small boys and teenagers to her shop.

According to Glenn Briggs, spokesman for the Center, it will also boast a dentist office, where Dr. John Sargent will practice dentistry and there will be a dental lab managed by Charles Conlon. The Center will also include a pharmacy operated by James Wilkins.


Dog Catcher on Patrol

A full time Animal Control Officer (dog catcher) is now on duty in the Greater Chugiak Area, according to a spokesman for the GAAB Animal Shelter.

Mr. Worth Trent, who has been an area resident for six years, is familiar with the community and will be able to respond to any calls immeditately. Persons with animal control problems are requested to call the Animal Shelter at 277-5823. They are in radio contact with the truck that Mr. Trent is driving, and can dispatch him at once.

He is on duty five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, and will respond to emergencies at any time. He can be reached at his home phone, 688-2367, in such instances.


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