"Man beaten and robbed"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 19:00

From the Knik Arm Courier, April 20, 1960:

Dennis Short of Jayhawk Drive in Birchwood was brutally beaten and robbed of $220 late Tuesday night, April 12.

Short was driving home from a union meeting around midnight when he noticed a car following closely behind him. He said he sped up trying to lose the car, but they stayed closely behind; in fact, while slowing down on the Eagle River Hill, the car actually bumped his car several times.

Short said that after crossing the bridge he once more attempted to speed up, but the other car pulled ahead of him, forcing him to the side of the road. It was when he got out of his car to find out what it was all about that the occupants of the other car attacked him. Short was beaten unconscious and when he came to sometime later he discovered that his money was gone.

Short managed to drive back to his place of employment in Anchorage (he is a pharmacist at the Savemore Drug), from where he summoned a doctor and called the State Police.

The money of which Mr. Short had been robbed was from his paycheck, which he cashed earlier that evening at an Anchorage supermarket. He thought that possibly someone had observed him cashing the check and followed him. He did not recognize any of his assailants, but did note that they were three adult men.

The State Police have since picked up a suspect and are holding him pending further investigation.


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