Singing the MLMS band's praises

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 19:00

I would like to personally thank the Mirror Lake Middle School Jazz Band for a most enjoyable performance at the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society’s annual potluck dinner on the evening of April 26. They were impressive in their musical ability and demeanor. These young teens undoubtedly respect their director, Travis Harrington, who has a quiet manner of discipline. He was not standing in front of the group waving his arms as so many directors do, but would rather wander around while just minimally nodding his head to the beat. The kids knew the rhythm and it was up to them to keep on track.

Music is so important in their overall achievement in school. It requires math skills and an understanding of science, history and even literature — as was displayed by the band’s performance of songs from various decades. To even consider cutting back on music programs in our schools as is often a threat from ASD is out of the question.

I would also like to thank the parents who see that their young musicians get to school an hour before the school day actually starts in order to participate in practice with Mr. Harrington. This is not a school-sponsored activity, so parents have to be committed and is shows.

Kudos to Mr. Harrington, the kids and their parents.


— Jinny Kirk (who remembers band practice being the highlight of her school day many, many years ago)


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