"Dearie, Do You Remember?"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 19:00

This poem is actually the revised lyrics to the old song, “Dearie, Do You Remember?” that the late Natalie Brooks wrote to be sung at an Old Timers Dinner held at the North Slope Restaurant in 1999. Copies were given to everyone in attendance who sang it with feeling and chuckles. Maybe you were there and sang along…


Dearie, do you remember how we lived in the early days,

Everyone knew every one.

Hauling water, helping each other

Life was hard but more fun

Test your memory my Dearie,

Do you remember when the highway was just two lanes,

All the rest were gravel roads




Dearie, life was cheery, in the good old days gone bye.

Do you remember? Yes I remember.

Well Dearie, you’re much older than I.

Dearie, do you remember when we bused the teens to Anchorage,

Classes held in Quonset huts,

Homemade houses and entertainment.

Chugiak Players were a hit.

Test your memory, my Dearie.

Do you remember when a farm was in Pipple’s field,

Then it hosted Little League


(Repeat chorus)


Dearie, do you remember cupboards made of Blazo boxes,

Barrel stoves and hand-dug wells.

Potlucks, rodeos, dine-a-dish dinners, Chugiak Carnival.

Test your memory, my Dearie,

Do you remember Spring Creek pies and Dari Delight,

Still the place of many places.


(Repeat chorus)


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