"Homesteader's Hints"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 19:00

From a column by editor Rusty Bellringer in the Knik Arm Courier, Aug. 17, 1960:


Here’s a list of hints used by homesteaders in the early days of Chugiak-Eagle River:

— Herb barrel: Make many large holes in a barrel. Fill it with stones in the center and rich soil around the outer perimeter. Herbs planted in each hold will thrive and grow outward. This is decorative as well as useful near the kitchen.

— To give houseplants a lift, “feed” them leftover fish, coffee grounds, water from boiled eggs, crushed egg shells, water from cooked foods and watered milk.

— To keep clothes from freezing on the line, add alt to your final rinse water.

— Boil yellowed or dingy cotton clothes in a tub of water to which two teaspoons of turpentine has been added. A sweeter and whiter wash every time.

— Wood ashes thrown on rubbish heaps destroy flies’ eggs.

— To protect yourself from flies and gnats, sponge weak carbolic acid on the skin, and sometimes, clothing. The solution should not contain more than 7 percent carbolic acid.


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