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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 19:00

Hero teens save home

Three Eagle River teens were credited with saving a family’s home after some quick work with a garden hose.

Chugiak High students Shantel Cox, Ashlie Farnsworth and Becky Heath had just arrived at Heath’s home after school. After dropping Heath off, the two other girls began to drive away when they noticed smoke coming from a neighboring home’s front porch. The two left the car in the middle of the road and sprinted for Heath’s home.

“We ran in screaming ‘Call 911,’” Cox said.

Cox then ran back to the burning home – owned by Jenny and Ron Ashwell – and began spraying the porch with a garden hose. Heath and Farnsworth arrived shortly after and began pulling deck chairs off before the furniture could ignite.

It was later determined that a cigarette butt left unattended had caused the blaze. The Ashwells were not home at the time. Jenny Ashwell said the girls were heroes.

“If it wasn’t for them we would have lost our house,” she said. “The timing was incredible.”

Cox was completing her freshman year at Chugiak; Heath and Farnsworth were finishing their sophomore year.


Seems like only yesterday

The inaugural Eklutna Challenge duathlon was held on the trails around Eklutna Lake. A total of 150 people showed up for the combination mountain bike/running race.

Winning on the men’s side was University of Alaska Fairbanks student Jason Lamoreaux, who passed four competitors on the bike portion of the race to win the title. For the women, Eagle River’s Sheryl Loan placed 11th overall to win the race’s first women’s crown.

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