"Directory census to start soon"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 19:00

From the Knik Arm Courier, June 10, 1970:

A house to house sensus of the entire Greater Chugiak Area is scheduled to begin this month, according to a spokesman for the Chugiak Ladies Club.

This census is taken every two years by the club and the information gathered is used to compile a Community Directory.

This year, the Ladies Club will be assisted in their head count by the local Chamber of Commerce and several other local service organizations.

Local residents can look forward to being visited by a representative of one of these organizations who will ask a few simple questions.

This year the census cards will have an added section other than the part which asks the information which later appears in the directory.

This section is strictly for chamber of Commerce use, and will not be published in the Directory. The chamber is seeking to complie a list of statistics on the local area such as how many are homeowners, renters, military, rate of population growth, etc.

The portion of the card which contains this information will be detached from the part of the card which shows the name of the householder, and catalogued as a list of nameless statistics.

Local residents are asked to please cooperate with the volunteer census takers when they knock at their door.

The Ladies Club sells copies of the Community Directory and proceeds are used to finance a college scholarship which is offered each year to a graduating senior from Chugiak High School.


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