27 years ago this week

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 19:00

No love from Hammond

Legislative projects for the area all but disappeared under the felt tip pen of Gov. Jay Hammond, who nixed two road projects and reduced a senior center grant.

Remaining in the budget was a lone appropriation of $40,000 for upgrading Jayhawk Drive in Birchwood. The cuts followed an earlier veto by Hammond of a bond issue that would have included $800,000 for senior housing.

An aide to Hammond told the Star the governor felt that only road projects on the state highway system were worthy of state funding, and that “local roads should be the responsibility of the local area.”


Big crowd turns out for parade

Cloudy skies and a few raindrops didn’t deter large crowds from showing up for the mile-long parade from the Old Chugiak School to Chugiak Elementary. Though fewer floats entered the parade than in 1975, onlookers said the crowds along the route were larger. Following the parade, hamburgers, hot dogs and snow cones were available from vendors, and the fire department sponsored a bake sale.

Revelers who stuck around fro “anything goes” games in the evening “probably had the most fun of all, watching opposing teams of volunteer firemen and community residents pushing pencils with their noses and trundling team members off toward finish lines in wheelbarrows, among other stunts,” according to an account on page 4 of the Star.



The finals of the Knik Little League Sponsor’s Trophy Series featured a bizarre finish. The Eagle River Shopping Center team appeared to pull off a come-from-behind 8-6 victory over North Slope Drive. However, it was discovered that a pitcher used by the ERSC team had gone over his allowable number of innings. League president Jim Gallien verified the rule had been broken and awarded the victory to North Slope Drive.

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