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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 19:00

Rude awakening

An upset Anchorage School District superintendent Carol Comeau was not enjoying her summer vacation after vandals hit Chugiak High and Chugiak Elementary in early July, 2003.

“This makes me angry,” Comeau told the Alaska Star. “I’m really frustrated.”

Bookshelves were knocked over inside CHS, while someone broke windows in vehicles parked at the elementary school.

The vehicles at Chugiak Elementary belonged to Charles Blessing, 61, who was staying in his RV outside the school as part of a district program to discourage vandalism. Blessing saw two suspects running away after he awoke to the sound of his windows breaking.

“We advertise in the Lower 48 that we are looking for people to stay and watch our schools,” said ASD director of operations Stan Syta. It’s unfortunate that something like this would happen. The man was sleeping and when he heard the glass break he thought he had been shot at.”


Not optimistic

According to all four people polled in the Star’s Question of the Week feature, a recently-signed Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement would not last.

“No,” answered Fairbanks resident Dinah Naske. “What are the people going to do when peace breaks out?”

Eagle River’s Whitney Petit concurred.

“They’ve been fighting so much, why would it last?” she asked. “They don’t have any basis for it to last.”


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