Section of Crow Pass trail closed

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 19:00
Same area closed in ’12 for moose kill

A four-mile portion of the Crow Pass Trail has been closed until further notice due to a bear feeding on a moose carcass near the popular trail that links Girdwood and the Eagle River Nature Center.

The closure affects the area between Icicle Creek and Twin Falls. Icicle Creek is located about 5.5 miles from the Nature Center. Twin Falls is about 9.5 miles from the center, which is located at the end of Eagle River Road.

Chugach State Park rangers announced the closure July 6 via the trail’s Facebook page shortly after a hiker was charged by a brown bear in the area.

All other sections of the trail remain open.

The situation is similar to a closure last year, when rangers shut the same section of trail down from July 2-14 after a bear cached a moose in the area.

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