"Territorial Primary Election ... Do you remember these names?"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 19:00

From the Chugiak Calendar, April 8, 1954:


The election will be held on April 27th. The Chugiak voting place is the Community Hall. Running for office are:


Delegate to Congress:

E.L. (Bob) Bartlett and Neil F. Moore — Democrats

Ray Beach and Barbara Dimock — Republicans


Territorial Commissioner of Labor:

H.J. Lannon — Democrat

Henry Benson and Jack Westfall — Republican


Treasurer of Alaska:

Leonard Peck, Hugh J. Wade and Robert Coughling — Democrats

J.B. (Bert) Caro and Earle Hunter — Republicans


Territorial Senate:

Earl Cooper, Norman Shaw, Leonard Kyger, Al Owen — Democrats

Lee McKinley, Gerrit (Heinie) Snider — Republicans

George Lingo —Independent


Territorial House of Representatives:

23 Democrat candidates, including Seaborn Buckalew, Wendell Kay and Peter Kalamarides and 13 Republicans, including Paul Nelson and Jack White.


Also in the April 8, 1954 Calendar:

IN COOPERATION with the Alaska Road Commission’s spring breakup road restriction program, we will be unable to make oil deliveries between April 1 and May 15.

WE ARE attempting to fill all our customer’s storage before April 1 and we will have a steady supply of oil on hand during that time.


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