From a new Lion's perspective

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 19:00

I joined the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club in Eagle River when I was 19 years old. Before I joined the Lions Club I helped out many months with various fundraisers.

The Lions Club held a fundraiser for my little brother Ty, who has a brain tumor. He needed to seek treatment at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Lions helped raise funds to help with those expenses. At that time I was so impressed with what the Lions did for my little brother. At that point I realized how much the Lions help out people with anything they need help with.

I joined the Lions both because of this help for my brother and all the assistance they do around our community. One of the best projects is their vision screening. The Lions go to the local schools and community health fairs vision screen both children and adults. They can screen children as young as 6-months-old. The equipment will tell us if the children or adult need to referred to an ophthalmologist for further evaluation. The machine is like a scanner that you point at your eyes and it gives the Lions a reading that lets them know if someone needs help, or not.

So, the Lions help out in many different ways, whether it’s with raising money or helping families in need. Ever year for Christmas we collect toys, set up Christmas Trees, and collect food for families in need so they can have a Christmas dinner. Those items are distributed the weekend before Christmas. The Lions also have dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the entire community — free of charge.

The Lions also have a group for teenagers called the Leo’s. The Leo’s help out just as much as the Lions, as they are always by their advisor’s side working. The Leo’s learn a lot about how to help people. The Lion advisors also make sure that the Leo’s are caught up in school and doing well. The Leo’s are for kids to stay out of trouble, help the community and meet new people. They meet every Thursday and could always use more participation in the group.

The Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions are not just for the ladies, they can also be for men, or young men. The Sleeping Mountain Lady Lions are not the only Lions Club in Eagle River. There is also the Eagle River Lions Club and the Chugiak Lions Club that participate in helping the community. These clubs work together and help each other out. We work as a team and do whatever we can do to help out others in need.

The Lions are all about helping people out, and with some younger adults joining they can have more ideas with some newer and younger minds. With all of us working together as a team, we will continue to support and help our community for decades to come.

If you would like more information about becoming a Lion, please visit, or You can also call Lion Karen Burns at 242-1129.

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