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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 19:00

Hats off at Chugiak High

Principal Rick Volk and Chugiak administrative staff decided to ban hats during school hours over the summer, according to a story on page 4 of the Aug. 28, 2003 Alaska Star.

“There weren’t any major incidents, just a lot of minor things piling up,” Volk said of the new dress code.

The only exceptions were to be made for hats used for educational or ceremonial purposes.

School board member Crystal Kennedy supported the rule.

“It is sad to say, but it is probably true that the hats add to cheating,” Kennedy said.

CHS junior Evan Holmstrom said he heard were designed to curb gang-related activity in schools.

“I think it’s too drastic of a measure to try to control gang activity,” he said. “There are other ways.”


APD asked to watch for runs to the border

Each of the municipality’s 36 community councils could request additional police patrols when officers had “downtime,” according to a story on page 5 of the Aug. 28, 2003 edition. Councils could request patrols in certain high crime areas.

The change wasn’t expected to bring many more patrols to Chugiak-Eagle River, where traffic seemed to be the main concern, according to APD’s Lt. John Norsworthy.

Acting Birchwood Community Council president Bobbi Wells said she could think of one area she’d welcome more patrols.

“One of our biggest concerns is the high speed route from Chugiak High to Taco Bell during lunchtime,” she said.

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