New Eagle River School (Continued)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 19:00

Editor’s note: The following is Part 2 of a two-part look at the New Eagle River School. The story first appeared in the Knik Arm Courier in 1961.


The comfort of the teachers has been taken into consideration, with a light, airy teachers room, fitted with a compact “soup kitchen,” a sink unit with electric outlets for that ever-present smell of chemicals that give off volatile gasses (such as cleaning fluids, etc.). This room is vented with an exhaust fan and is equipped with a special non-sparking electrical switch.

Waste papers and other similar debris is quickly disposed of in a special incinerator.

But all is not perfect at the school, as there are many things still lacking. The office has no office equipment at all, not even a typewriter, and there has been no provision for sick children who are sent to the office to lie down.

Also, playground equipment is completely lacking. These items were in the past provided by the Parent Teacher Association, and it was hoped that they would once again come through.

Housekeeping at the Eagle River School is the department of Dale Thompson, who transferred from the Chugiak School and reigns as custodian in this new and easy to maintain building.

There has been much thought given to proper storage areas.

The total enrollment of the school is at present 261 with only 61 of these children living beyond the one and a half mile limits which entitles them to bus transportation. The remaining two hundred all walk to school, some living close enough to make it possible for them to go home for lunch.

The new school is indeed, the show-place of the community and all parents are urged to make an effort to tour the school.


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