Community councils the place to get involved

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 19:00

Many folks are often taken by surprise by the actions of their government, but anyone who spends any time observing the political process knows it usually moves at a glacial pace.

In most cases, public input is often sought for months in advance through a variety of forums. However, it’s not usually until the latter stages — say, when an ordinance is before the Municipal Assembly — when folks start paying attention.

There’s a far better way to stay involved on what’s happening in local government, and that’s through Anchorage’s community councils.

There are more than three dozen councils in the muni, including five that meet regularly in our area (a sixth, Eklutna Valley, meets but not on a monthly basis).

The job of these councils is to serve as a grass roots system of community involvement. Councils often look at issues long before they go before the assembly, and the council level is the best place to air a grievance in a forum where someone might actually listen.

On page 16 we’ve included a list of where and when each of the five councils meeting this month will gather in September. Among the most important issues the councils will discuss are the municipality’s 2014 Captial Improvement Project list. By voicing your feelings on what projects should get funding, you can have a direct influence on your community’s future.

For more information on Anchorage’s community councils, visit, where you’ll find a list of council home pages as well as meeting times and other useful information.

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