A developed heart and mind

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 19:00

It isn’t what you know that is important — it is what you do with what you know that determines everything.

The guns that you see on television and in movies were once working guns. They had to be altered in order to be used safely by actors. Independent Studio Services is required to take the functioning weapon and transform it into a prop that fires only blanks.

Knowledge without wisdom operates a lot like a blank. It can be heard and there is some flash, but there is no substance to what is known. Without wisdom, knowledge has no payload. But unlike a blank, knowledge without wisdom can do a lot of damage. In fact, many conflicts on the personal, national and international level have been started by very knowledgeable people that had very little wisdom.

The Wright brothers did not actually invent powered, manned flight. By the end of the 19th century, many people around the world had launched motorized aircraft and themselves into the air. They just tended to crash afterward.

What the Wright brothers did in 1903 was create a plane that people could actually control with an effective steering system that let pilots maneuver the craft in midair and land safely. They may not have invented powered flight, but they brought it into the realm of human experience. That is a good description of how knowledge and wisdom must relate to one another.


Designing Something Better

The Wright brothers would have told you that the problem in flying was not in elevation or thrust, it was control. It was a great contrast to other inventors of the day who put more emphasis on the development of powerful engines.

It might be that the contemporary world would have better results if there was less emphasis on self-esteem and more on self-control. Having a heart and a mind for a higher calling means knowing how power and control relate to each other.

All situations are practical, but that does not mean they are necessarily prosaic. We should always strive to emphasize the inner dignity of daily things in spite of their dull externals. The reverse must never become true — that inner dignity becomes more external or dull.

We do not change the truth. We simply employ it in a way that is empowering through the facet of self-control. Through that self-control, we demonstrate to the rest of the world that the knowledge we have of God has meaning for everyday living.

That is where most people have their greatest challenges. Most people have an awareness of a greater good but they often struggle in translating that awareness into practical application and action. Even the foolish can have all the right answers, but he or she just doesn’t seem to do the wise thing. They are like the people trying to fly that put all the emphasis on powerful engines. They could get airborne, but then what?


A Better Place to Live

Some amusement parks have been working on a system that would allow people going to the parks to customize and personalize their experience. People would describe what they are looking for and would like to experience.

The company would then send them a wristband that they would wear once they are at the park. From there, everything is customized. The characters at the park would even call you by your name.

Some people would call that design improvement. The main idea is that when we are developing a heart and mind for God, we are also simultaneously developing a desire to make the world a better place through our application of the truth.

Developing a heart and mind for God means having an action plan for full deployment of what God has shown us through His Word — of taking specific steps toward transformation in the way we think and feel and holding ourselves accountable to the truth, others and certainly ourselves.


Dr. M. Hildon Guy is the President of the University of Christian Studies & Seminary in Eagle River and is a board member with Love INC of Eagle River. (www.universityofcss.org)

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