Going once, going twice, sold!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 19:00

It’s that time of year again. You guessed it — auction season is upon us.

Charity auctions are a staple for many non-profits throughout our local communities. With the onset of winter and the “can’t do” season, this seems to be the perfect time of year to offer community members a night out on the town in support of their favorite organization.

Anymore, charity auctions range from the small grassroots event to the extravagant “gala,” offering myriad choices to the public for participation. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but if you believe in a cause, it’s a great way to support the organization and enjoy a fun afternoon or evening out — and hopefully come home with some great buys.

The Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions have coordinated many auctions over the years for their annual Valentines dinner, and in conjunction with other local service organizations, such as the Eagle River Lions Club and Elks Lodge, to assists families with life-threatening medical issues.

They are a lot of work, but can be very successful in raising much-needed funds for a variety of causes. Fortunately, it is the generosity of small businesses, community members, friends and family that enable the clubs to hold these events. In these smaller endeavors, most of the auction items are donated by people who have a direct connection to the recipient of the funds, or they are a friend of a friend and so on.

On the flip side of the coin, the Sleeping Lady Lions occasionally have the luxury of attending some of the larger events as a sponsor, leaving the work to others. It’s a treat for members to be able to participate in the bidding and enjoy the event’s offerings while knowing they are still contributing to the cause through their pocket books.

One of the club’s favorite auctions is put on by Hope Community Resources. The Sleeping Lady Lions have a long history with Hope, dating back to the early 1980s and the now defunct Eagle River Walk and Roll for Hope.

The Sleeping Lady’s played a major role in the Eagle River Walk and Roll for Hope and wanted to continue their support after it was discontinued. Hope’s annual auction became their new project. In the beginning, the club members volunteered for set up, prepared and served food and sold raffle tickets to help Hope grow the event. Now that the auction has evolved into a premier event, the Sleeping Lady’s support has become monetary through the purchase of tables for club members to attend.

Club members look forward to the Hope auction, as it is a chance for them to reconnect with Hope’s mission and the people who choose their supports. This year is no different. The club will be out in full force Saturday, Oct. 26 for the 18th Annual Hope Auction at the Hotel Captain Cook.

There are many other auctions for worthy causes, and the Lions encourage you to support those that have meaning to you. Whether it be the small hometown event or a big gala, they all serve a purpose and support those in our community who need a little help.


The Hope auction just happens to be one that means a lot to the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club. For more information about Hope’s auction, visit www.sleepingladylions.org or www.HopeAlaska.org.

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