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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 19:00

State cracks down on drunk drivers

Alaska increased its minimum penalties for driving while intoxicated and refusal to take a breath test. First-time DUI offenders must spend 72 consecutive hours in jail. The maximum sentence for a first DUI or refusal to take a breath test is one year in jail.

A first offense also guarantees a minimum fine of $250 with a maximum of $5,000. If convicted, a person will have their license revoked for at least 90 days. A judge can issue limited driving privileges — usually for traveling to and from work — for up to 60 days, which means a driver will lose their license entirely for at least a month.

For a second DUI or refusal conviction, a person will be fined a minimum of $500 (maximum $5,000), spend at least 20 days in jail (maximum one year) and lose their license for a year with no opportunity for a limited license.

Penalties for a third offense are a minimum $1,000 fine ($5,000 maximum), at least 30 days in jail (one year maximum) and revocation of their license for a minimum of 10 years.

The new law comes after 6,000 DUI arrests were made in the state last year.

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