Zoning request for Chugiak monofill denied

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 19:00
Eklutna asks for delay on conditional use permit

The Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission (PNZ) isn’t satisfied with Eklutna, Inc.’s master plan for a proposed inert waste landfill in Chugiak.

“They felt they needed more detail,” Eklutna CEO Curtis McQueen said of the board’s 6-1 vote that denied a zoning request Monday, Oct. 7.

McQueen said PNZ wants to hear more about the long-term plan for the so-called “monofill.”

Approving a master plan is one of two separate issues before PNZ regarding the 68-acre site located off Kerbow Lane. The land is zoned as Planned Community, which grants property owners a lot of freedom to create their own master plans. However, PNZ has to approve the plan.

Eklutna asked for a delay on a conditional use permit to operate the site. Though Eklutna is confident in the water quality, McQueen said Central Environmental Inc. and DOWL HKM are conducting additional tests.

“We’re in an assessing mode right now,” he said.

Potential water pollution is one issue cited by opponents of the monofill. Other concerns include increased truck traffic, potential decreased property values and the monofill’s close proximity to schools and Loretta French Park.

McQueen said he hopes the results of the tests will be available before the year’s end. Eklutna will continue its transparency throughout the process, he said, and will share the data with the public.

“We want that information out about what we’re doing,” McQueen said. “We’ve never been shy about that.”

Eklutna will discuss the monofill at its board meeting next month, McQueen said.


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