"Beatrice Mackey to count Chugiak noses"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 19:00

From the Knik Arm Courier, March 30, 1960:


Mrs. Wayne (Bea) Mackey, of mile 22, will be the official census taker in the Chugiak area in the National Census, which begins through the 50 states on April 1.

Mrs. Mackey has been attending training sessions along with other census takers for the area all this week. Each of those takers has received approximately 16 hours of instruction with emphasis placed on the importance of a systematic, thorough canvass of every dwelling unit during the census to ensure a complete count.

Classroom training has covered proper manner of asking questions, use of the census questions, census definitions and map reading. The latter is of importance in that a map is provided of the area to be covered by each taker. There are 25,000 maps in all, each one representing one of the 25,000 districts, of which Chugiak is one.

The taker is required to visit every dwelling unit in the area during the 1960 census of population and housing. Everyone is requested to cooperate with the census taker when she visits your home and to remember that all answers are kept confidential and may not be used in any other investigation.


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