Lions stand up to bullying

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 19:00

Bullying is a serious problem among youth, especially as the use of mobile devices and social media takes bullying outside of the classroom and into children’s everyday lives.

Approximately 160,000 students stay home from school each day because of bullying, according to the National Education Association.

It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, how you dress or look, what school you go to — it is commonplace. Youths that are bullied are usually very depressed. Bullies do not respect people, interesting though, is it is the bullies who really need the help.

Numerous programs exist to assist Lions in fulfilling the needs of the youth in their communities. We have multi-generation mentoring of our youth in Alaska and throughout the world.

Lions, by mentoring youth, are addressing the problems. Youth that participate in the programs listed below are learning how to stop bullying.

Lions provide the young people of the world with opportunities for achievement, learning, contribution and service, individually and collectively, through sponsorship of activities identified as best practices in the field of youth development. These programs include the:

· Leo Club Program

· Lions International Peace Poster Contest

· Lions International Youth Camp and Exchange Program

· Lions Quest


Giving young people the opportunities to have healthy childhoods, feel safe and cared for lead to them being productive, confident adults is central to Lions’ work. Young people deserve to learn, have shelter and gain skills to help them lead lives of their dreams. We hope to do all of this through our programs and equip youth to make positive decisions throughout their lives.

Please have your children come join your local Bear Mountain Leos who meet at the Boys and Girls Club of Eagle River every Thursday, at 4p.m. For more information, call Karen Burns at 242-1129.

To learn more about Lions, visit, or to read human interest stories about youth and what Lions have done to help them throughout the world.

Another opportunity is to join your local Lions Club, i.e. Chugiak Lions, Eagle River Lions, or the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions, visit our websites, www.sleepingladylionsorg,

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