'Experiential music'

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 19:00
Eagle River woman starts new business
Roberta Stein gives her students instructions during class Oct. 14 in the art studio at Avalanche Frozen Yogurt in Eagle River.

The kids in Roberta Stein’s music class use every part of their body in the learning process.

“It’s experiential music,” Stein said. “We see it and we move it and we sing it and we act it out.”

Stein teaches a weekly, 45-minute class for third- and fourth-graders in the art studio at Avalanche Frozen Yogurt in Eagle River.

Stein’s goal is to eventually open a performing arts center for her new business, Noteworthy Studios.

People learn new skills differently, Stein said. Some are auditory learners, others are visual and some are physical.

Stein said her “music in action” method presents the material in a variety of ways.

“It covers all the bases,” she said. “By the time that they’re done, they’ll be musically literate.”

A musician and artist, Stein has been teaching for three decades.

Stein’s father was a longtime theater teacher in Fairbanks. She was born into the life.

“I had stage makeup on when I was 3-months-old,” Stein said. “I’ve been doing this forever.”

A 1970 Lathrop High graduate, Stein said she favors teaching to performing.

“I prefer to put the spotlight on what they’re doing,” she said.

There’s nothing better than seeing her students learn new skills, Stein said.

“I love watching them figure out a process,” she said. “Their eyes get big and the light goes on.”

Stein also has a class for children ages 3 and younger in Anchorage and teaches private lessons. Stein said her long-term goal is to have Noteworthy Studios — which she started in mid-September — become a hub for music and art.

Space is still available for her Eagle River class. For more information or to sign up, contact Stein at 726-0537 or email [email protected].


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