Trick or treat?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 19:00

That’s a tough one.

Dressing up as your favorite superhero, celebrity or sports star. Getting an endless supply of chocolate to help fuel a night full of running door to door.

Not to mention the stockpile of sweets kids can gather in just one night.

But tricks can be just as satisfying.

Playing pranks on friends. Scaring a sibling. Slowly making your way through a pitch-black, haunted house — not knowing what or who will jump out at any moment.

There’s also monthlong horror movie marathons.

Curling up on the couch in the dark watching classic killers like Michael Meyers, Jason and Freddy Krueger stock their prey. Feeling your heart beat faster and faster as victims try to flee.

And who doesn’t love dressing up?

Halloween costumes put just as big of a smile on the faces of adult onlookers as they do on the children actually wearing them.

As they should. Pretending to be someone — or something — else is fun.

What about carving jack-o-lanterns?

Plunging your hands into a pumpkin. Scooping out its moist insides. Creating goofy, candle-lit faces to put on the porch to welcome visitors.

Halloween is a unique holiday. There really is something for everyone.

It can be a family friendly affair of costumes and candy. An adults-only night of horror on the big screen.

Decorating your house with skeletons and spider webs. Or even just handing out goodies and watching all the neighborhood children participate in the annual festivities.

Whatever your pleasure, we wish you all a happy and safe Halloween.


Don’t forget …

To turn back your clocks Sunday, Nov. 3.

It’s that time of year again. We gain an hour of sleep when 2 a.m. falls back to 1 a.m. But here in Alaska, it signals the dark season.

Temperatures fall — usually — and the daylight comes and goes while we’re at work.

But with the darkness comes endless winter activities — skiing, skating, sledding, snowshoeing, making snowmen, snowball fights, making snow angels.

It’s a winter paradise. And it’s right around the corner.

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