Keep kids safe by making them visible

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 19:00

While driving to work early in the morning, I see several neighbors out walking their dogs. Although I don’t personally know these people, they are a regular sighting on my drive to work. I always wave as if they know me by name, and they always wave back.

As the winter darkness sets in, these people are still walking their dogs, as good pet owners do. Now that it is extremely dark out, they are wearing head lamps and reflective gear as well as their dogs.

I can’t miss seeing the reflective leashes, collars and doggie vests. Some of the dogs are even wearing blinking lights. These pet owners have gone through great lengths to make their pets and themselves visible to drivers.

Then, there are the children. As I drive through my neighborhood, I see children walking to the bus stops. Well, actually, I don’t see them. The middle school age kids are always dressed in black shoes, black hoodies and jackets, black hats and carrying dark colored backpacks.

Where have our priorities gone? To the dogs, I guess.

Please take some consideration in making your children safe. Please give them reflective gear or glowing backpacks. Drivers have enough to keep track of on the road.

For their safety, consider some visual aids or even flashlights. Or maybe let them use the dog’s collars and leashes.

I know I would appreciate seeing them from a distance. I worry every morning that a child will walk in front of me, and I won’t see them until it is too late. Please make your kids as safe as your dogs.


— Elly Frey, Eagle River

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