"Egg throwers back out on work deal"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 19:00

This appeared the following week in the Knik Arm Courier:


The four youths who last week agreed to work at clean up at the Chugiak High School rather than be charged with vandalism have apparently reneged on the agreement.

The four had thrown approximately 60 dozen eggs against the building and littered the school grounds with the cartons.

Principal Eldon King had offered the boys the opportunity to work off the damage and had placed them on their honor. When they failed to show up for the work detail, the Chugiak Security Patrol decided the only action they could take was to file the charges of vandalism.

A spokesman for the Security Patrol said that they were then approached by a parent of one of the boys, and told that he had met with the parents of the other boys involved and all had agreed that the punishment was too harsh. They appeared to regard the incident as a harmless boyish prank, and agreed to share the expense of clean-up among themselves. This came to a total of $114.16.

The Security Patrol has given them two week’s grace to pay the charges before filing the vandalism report.


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