Don't waste funds on tennis courts

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 - 19:00

With our local tennis courts underutilized, and the Alaska Club tennis facilities similarly underused (76 percent vacancy at the East and North clubs for the first six months of this year, per their report), one can’t help but wonder why Chugiak-Eagle River Assembly and legislative members would support Mayor Sullivan’s tennis complex spending spree?

Such expenditures of dear budgetary resources would be better directed towards activities of proven popularity and need. Acquiring the Wallace homestead property at the base of Mount Baldy would address immediate needs and set up long-term benefits, a true prudent investment.

The Baldy/Wallace homestead area is tremendously popular year round. So popular, in fact, its parking area is overflowing most weekends. As Eagle River continues to grow, this area will become even more heavily used.

Acquiring the Wallace property would both extend access to the mountains framing the local area, as well as offer a suitably sized parking area. Such capacity could reduce the pressure on the Hiland trail system, and its draw would likely benefit our local businesses. Moreover, securing the area for the public would save it from becoming the private estate of a few.

Revenues may be in diminishing supply — all the more reason they shouldn’t be squandered to benefit a vocal few. Local elected officials should recognize the broad benefit of securing the Wallace homestead to support the health and delight of its many local users.


— Clinton Holloway, Eagle River

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