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Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - 19:00

Assembly starts year off with controversial issues

The Anchorage Assembly will begin the year with three issues likely to draw a large crowd at its meeting. The first, AO 93-200, would prohibit stalking. The law would make stalking illegal, regardless if the victim was physically harmed.

AO 93-187 would reverse an earlier Assembly vote that forbids adults — including parents — from giving minors indecent material or allow them to attend adult shows.

The Assembly will also decide whether to reconsider its vote on a gun rights resolution passed at its last meeting. The resolution supports a bill currently in the legislature that strengthens and clarifies gun rights. It has been criticized by police as being too broad and a threat to public safety.


Stevens celebrates 25 years in Senate

Sen. Ted Stevens celebrated his 25-year anniversary in the U.S. Senate. He was appointed to the Senate by Gov. Walter J. Hickel in 1968. Stevens is among the top 10 in seniority in the Senate.


Snowmachine club growing

The Anchorage Snowmobile Club, which began with nine members, now has more than 400. The club was formed about two years ago to unite snowmachiners and to work on several issues, including improving trails, snowmachine education and mandating licensing for machines.

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