Teen seeks more local indoor activities

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 19:00

Alaska has a vast wilderness, but in this town of Eagle River, people could agree that there isn’t much activity to do. Sure, there are parks and activity you could do outdoors, but why is there nothing for indoor activity?

In this community, it’d be nice for us — teens especially — to have a closer trip to do things. Driving out to Anchorage can be a pain and waste of gas. We teens also don’t have that sort of transportation. All the things that are more entertaining shouldn’t be so far out.

Eagle River has a few things like the bowling alley, and a game arcade, but what happened to the things like movie theaters and go-karts? This would be a great thing if the community would invest more into expansion.


— Daniella Sanchez, Eagle River High sophomore

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