Bleachers, plats and snow berms

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 19:00
South Fork Community Council discusses issues

The South Fork Community Council met Jan. 9 at Eagle River High. About 15 people attended.

A big item of interest was the Urban Design Commission hearing set for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 22 in Anchorage Assembly chambers.

The Eagle River High Site Plan Preliminary Approval will be up for public testimony.

Basically, this means that the commission will be reviewing plans for athletic facility improvements (bleachers and lighting).

According to Jose Vicente, the parking issue needs to be addressed.

“I’m afraid that if more bleachers are added, parking will become problematic,” he said.

Another thorny — and more complicated topic — is the Eagle River High Plat Modification issue, slated for the Planning and Zoning Commission (PNZ) agenda Feb. 5.

The measure would subdivide 30 lots and one tract of land into three tracts of land with elimination of a portion of a 40-foot electrical distribution line through Matanuska Electric Association.

Vicente recommended that approval of the preliminary plat be supported for one year, with no extension.

The school, he said, was illegally constructed over several property lines.

Vicente drafted a letter to PNZ with his recommendations, which included streetlight system upgrades, tree re-vegetation and improvements to the intersection of Eagle River Loop and Yosemite Drive.

“Yosemite (Drive) is unsafe to support peak hour traffic,” he said.


Road Board update

Vicente also gave a brief Road Board report.

“Everything is fine and going good and on budget,” he said.

Randy Beilfuss mentioned that some of the crew has gotten a little lax about snow berms.

“The do a good job on Hiland and main roads but they need to come in and clean up the side streets,” he said.

Barbara Falls Road, he said, will turn into a rut mess if not cleaned up before breakup.

The evening wrapped up with Anchorage Assemblywoman Amy Demboski’s report.

The Chugiak Access Plan has passed through the Planning and Zoning Commission and should make its way to the Assembly soon, she said.

The plan identified about 62 private land parcels now classified as parcels of opportunity.

Another sensitive item is a proposal to change the April Municipal elections to November.

“We know voter turnout stinks,” Demboski said.

She believes elections should be moved back to the fall.

“We shouldn’t be afraid to have the people participate, we shouldn’t be afraid to increase voter turnout,” she said.

Demboski also discussed the Community Council Ordinance, which will be open for public hearing Jan. 28.

“You have to remember, technically speaking, this is the law that will govern Community Councils,” she said.

Proposed changes include minimum meeting requirements and defining residents as those 16 years of age and older.


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