Make the Most

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 10:32

There is a time to be born and a time to die but the interval between those two events will define the meaning of the first and the significance of the second.  We must learn to use our time well, not wasting any moves.  That will determine how we end here and where we go from here.  It has been said that we are chained to the “chariot of time” and there is no stopping the steeds or leaping from the chariot.  To the thinker time is an ally of fundamental question; to the average time has something to do with dinner.


Be About Your Business

We must quickly say what must be said while the ears that need to hear them are receptive. We must be quick to listen because the voices that tell us what we need to hear may not always be within hearing.  The fidelity of what we believe to be true will quicken us to our purpose and move us to action in the present.  People that are uncertain about why they are here will do far more ambling and far less achieving.  A person that is unaware of the importance of the present moment will always live for the next, which, as time works, never arrives.


Time To Be Revolutionized

The New Testament book of I Corinthians 7:31 provides both an exhortation and a warning.

Paul is referring to the way life is to be lived (I Cor. 7:29-30).  We must not use our families as excuses for not doing what we should.  We must not allow pain and sorrow to rob us of our joy and passion (James 1:2 & 5:11).  We must not allow the frivolous (avarice) to steal our sensibility and soberness about the expenditure of time.


A Bridge In-between

It is a true blessing to know why we are here.  We should hope to echo the words of Christ:  “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world.”  An appreciation of the value of time helps us recognize the urgency of a worthy cause.  Christ Himself stated what the cause was:  the truth.  From beginning to end we are to rapidly close the gap between what we appear to be and what we really are.


Stay Close for a Revelation

The larger plan might in some ways be easier to grasp than the present moment.  However, Jesus never forgot about the importance of the present moment and how it played a key part in taking Him in the direction that He had to go (John 12:27).  In the Old Testament book of Esther,

Mordeci told Esther not to think that hard times were something to escape from (Esther 4:13).  All that God does is for the purpose of manifesting the truth through us.  God enables us precisely for our own times and circumstances; for what we are facing right now.

We are called to make the most of the time afforded us.  We must say what must be said, listen to what we must hear and do the things that must be done while there is time to do so.  This is how our meaning for being here is confirmed.  It is deliverance for the significance of our lives and enlargement for everything in between.


Dr. M. Hildon Guy is the President of the University of Christian Studies and Seminary in Eagle River, Alaska and serves as a board member of Love INC in Eagle River.


NOTE: For some time now, Love INC has, with the cooperation of the Star, attempted to present readers with thought provoking articles on a wide variety of topics from a wide variety of sources.  It has been an investment in our community; one that we have been most happy to be a part of.  Yet, change is a part of life.  This article represents the final entry in this series.  It is our hope your understanding about faith has been enlarged and that your search for truth has been concentrated.  Love INC will continue to serve this community as it always has; helping others find their greatest potential in life.

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