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Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 11:21


School recovers from fire

Alpenglow Elementary didn’t let a playground fire prevent it from holding recess. Staff used the incident as a way to teach students the games they used to play like marbles, four square and hopscotch.

“It’s almost a blessing,” special education teacher Christie McLean told the Star.

Local retailers pitched in to help the school purchase sports balls for soccer, tennis and basketball.

“What could have been very negative has turned out to be incredibly positive for our school,” physical education teacher Lynda Barcome told the Star.

Stoltze withdraws name for Senate seat

Rep. Bill Stoltze withdrew his name from the list of those being considered for a vacancy in state Senate District H. Stoltze is running for re-election for House district 16.

Stoltze told the Star he did not want the Senate seat because it was an appointed position.

“The whole idea of being appointed rather than elected never appealed to me,” he said. “If I do ever decide to seek a seat in the Senate, I would also rather earn it through the election process.”

Men qualify for national table tennis tourney

Local residents Boyd Bennett and Andy Hutzel qualified for the National Senior Games table tennis tournament in Pittsburgh.

Both men earned the right to represent Alaska after win- ning their divisions at the Alaska International Senior Games in Fairbanks.

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