Last Raptor arrives at JBER

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 12:20
An F-22 Raptor, piloted by Lt. Col. Paul Moga, lands at Elmendorf Air Force Base on Saturday, May 5, after making a nonstop flight to Alaska from Marietta, Ga.

Members of the 3rd Wing of the 525th Fighter Squadron, along with friends and family members, gathered at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson on Saturday, May 5, to watch as the final F-22 Raptor produced for the Air Force at Lockheed Martin’s Marietta, Ga. factory touched down in Alaska.

525th Fighter Squadron Commander Air Force Lt. Col. Paul Moga flew the jet nonstop from Georgia, with 3rd Wing commander Col. Dirk Smith aboard, according to the Air Force.

The fifth-generation fighter jet refueled twice during the eight-hour flight with the help of two KC-135 Stratotankers from MacDill AFB in Florida and McConnel AFB in Kansas.

The jet, which carries the tail number 4195, will be Moga’s jet and serve as the flagship for the 525th “Bulldogs.”

The Air Force’s F-22 program has come under fire recently due to concerns about its oxygen system. In 2010, pilot Jeff Haney died when his F-22 crashed in the Interior. Haney’s wife has since filed suit against Lockheed Martin. On Sunday, May 6, two Air Force pilots appeared on the CBS program “60 Minutes,” claiming similar oxygen system problems with the jet.

According to a press release issued by the Air Force, Lt. Col. Moga had a smooth flight on Saturday.

“Flawless, literally no problems,” Moga said.

He said it was nice to have the final plane delivered to JBER.

“It’s good to have this jet where it belongs,” he said.

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