Eagle Academy gets citation for high performance

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 11:33
  • Rep. Lora Reibold, R-Eagle River, presents a Legislative Citation to Eagle Academy Charter Schools Academic Policy Board Chair Kris Forsyth on Jan. 12. (Photo courtesy of Principal Kitty Logan)

Eagle Academy Charter School was recently honored by Eagle River Rep. Lora Reinbold with a citation from the 30th Alaska Legislature as one of the highest performing schools in the Anchorage School District.

It is a tuition-free, school of choice that emphasizes a challenging curriculum with high expectations of students, families and staff. In Spring AimsWeb test scores, the school had 93.75 percent score as Tier I students in mathematics and 88 percent scored in Tier I in English language arts. It has enrollment of about 170 students.

In the Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools, or PEAKS, results last year, Eagle Academy far outperformed the district average. Academy students scored 75.6 percent proficient or advanced in math compared to the district average of 35 percent; in ELA, Eagle Academy scored 65.3 percent proficient versus the district average of 40 percent; it was similar in science with 84.6 percent proficient compared to 47 percent in the district overall.

The school has a tutoring program in which sixth-graders volunteer 10-20 minutes each day before school begins and during their recess so they can tutor K-2 students in reading and math. These tutors often amass 24 hours of volunteer time each year.

Parents also volunteer time and it has increased each year for the last five years with each family making a commitment of 16 volunteer hours. Families averaged 30.6 service hours last year

Eagle Academy Charter School uses Spalding Writing Road to Reading along with quality children’s literature in its language arts program. Handwriting, sentence structure, phonograms and literary elements are emphasized in direct instruction. The child’s first reading is from their own handwriting.

Students are assessed at the beginning of the school year so they can be placed at their instructional level in language arts. The school also has high expectations in the Saxon Math Curriculum. For example, kindergarten students are taught first grade math and students are expected to complete math homework each night.

Information for this article was taken from the citation presented to the school, as well as test results from the Anchorage School District.

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