The South Fork Community Council recently passed a resolution asking Chugach State Park to start charging a parking fee at the Upper South Fork Eagle River Trailhead. They also wanted to see both sides of the public road leading to the trailhead signed as “No Parking”. Currently, only one side of the road is signed. The neighborhood hopes these measures will reduce the parking conflicts and congestion caused by park visitors parking along the road when the 40-car trailhead parking lot is full.

There is nothing more exciting to a gardener than to see the emergence of perennials in the spring. As the Alaskan spirit is tough, so is the Alaskan perennial that survives our cold harsh winters.

All perennials are not created equal. What is a perennial and how do some come back and not others? These questions can be costly as I found out when new to Alaska. This article then will attempt to save you from some of my Sourdough mistakes made early on.

By Andree McLeod

There’s a very important bill stuck in the Democrat-led House Majority Coalition that needs to be on the books in order to stop corruption in the Capitol.

SB 5 is sponsored by Senator Kevin Meyer (R, Anchorage) and has already passed the Senate unanimously.

(Editor’s note: This is the first installment of a new “In the Garden” column that will deal with all things gardening. Written by Eagle River master gardener Chris Wood, this column is intended to enlighten, entertain and educate everyone from novice gardeners to those with the greenest of thumbs. Please feel to write Chris with questions, comments or column ideas. We hope you “dig” this new feature as much as we do…enjoy!)

Two years ago, my husband Jeff Bara survived a midair plane collision. Since then, our lives have been an ongoing process of recovery. It has been an amazing story, an incredible journey with a strong-willed amazing man with the love of our family, friends and community. On March 26, 2016, our community gathered together at Raven Hall at the Alaska State Fairgrounds for a fundraising event to help cover Jeff’s medical bills for in-home care and therapy, none of which is covered by insurance.

Lions are celebrating our 100th Anniversary. As we do this we look back at our 100 years of service in our state. We will be celebrating our Multiple District Convention the last weekend in April — “A Centennial of Miracles.”

In 1940 Lions come to Alaska as specifically a men’s organization. It was not until 1987 that women could be full members. Here is a short list of what Lions have done:

• Purchased the first ambulance, then drove it up the ALCAN - know as Little Red.

• Spent $1 million to relocate Port Lions after the 1964 earthquake

As a senior at Chugiak High School, I have a fair amount of accurate insight into the actions, passions, and interests of teenagers. And in the weeks leading up to November 8, I was thrilled to see young people catalyzed to civic engagement and community action. I helped my peers register to vote, I saw them attend forums and discussions, and I held countless insightful, enthralling discussions with a generation that is often characterized as indifferent. But when it comes to municipal elections, such youth involvement is often missing.

A story in today’s edition of the Star likely hit much too close to home for far too many readers. It surely did for us.

The Permanent Fund Defenders mission is to educate people about the history and purpose of Alaska’s Permanent Fund and dividend (PFD); to protect and defend what we regard as its primary purpose; and to support legislators in making the right decisions related to the Permanent Fund and PFD that benefit all Alaskans.

Avid readers of our website (www.alaskastar.com) may have already noticed, but we’ve grown in the last week.

This week’s edition marks the Star debut of the newest member of our editorial staff, veteran Alaska journalist Kirsten Swann. Swann has an extensive background in community journalism, and you may know her name from the popular Mountain View Post blog she started and ran on her own time as a way to create interesting and informative hyper-local news for the East Anchorage community.