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Construction at Birchwood’s newest shooting range is progressing ahead of schedule, and the Southcentral Law Enforcement Tactical Training Center is scheduled to open for business this fall, according to project managers.

“Everything’s tracking well,” said Alan Czajkowski, director of maintenance and operations for the Anchorage Public Works Department.

There is nothing more exasperating to a gardener than to see their plants being devoured by bugs. Just yesterday, tiny Thrips were all over my long awaited white Peony blooms and my disdain for these little creeps came out.

Financial problems persist at the Harry J. McDonald Center, which will need a municipal loan to continue summer operations.

Without a cash infusion, facility manager Reid McDonald said the center might not be able to pay its employees.

“I’m not sure if we’ll make our next payroll,” McDonald told the Chugiak-Eagle River Parks Board of Supervisors at its July 10 meeting.

McDonald said municipal funding seemed to be the only short-term option for shoring up the center’s finances.

“We are scrambling at this point – there’s not much more I can do.”

Route 102 bus riders aren’t ready to give up their stops.

Nearly two dozen Chugiak-Eagle River residents met with local transportation officials July 26, protesting planned changes to area bus service during a heated public forum.

Eagle River’s pint-sized Pop Warner cheer squad is back for another year, kicking off its 20th season with pep, positivity and plenty of pink flamingos.

“It’s fun,” said 8-year-old Shelby Beuch, one of the Eagle River Panthers’ veteran cheerleaders. “I’m excited about the very end — there’s a showcase at the very end and it’s super fun.”

Gordy Banfield never expected the video to go as far as it did.

Shelley Hughes, who represents District F in the Alaska State Senate, announced Tuesday she has breast cancer.

“I just learned that I have breast cancer,” the state senator wrote on her personal Facebook page. “I’m going to beat it.”

Hughes posted the status update with a photo of herself ziplining with her son, who she described as looking like “how an artist might envision a Caucasian Jesus.”

Affecting everyone from commuters to high school students, major upgrades along Eagle River’s Yosemite Drive are due to be completed by the beginning of the school year.

“That’s the goal, and that looks like it’s really doable,” said Jerry Hanson, a project manager with the Anchorage Public Works Department.

Results from this year’s Chugiak Fourth of July Parade have been announced. This year’s judges were Martha and Burl Rogers and Debbie Ossiander. Awards were given in the following 10 categories:

Best Youth: Pi Riordan sponsored by Country Realty

Best Commercial: Pi Riordan sponsored by Country Realty

Best Children’s group: Shelley Hughes

Best Vehicle: 1941 Cadillac

Best Animal(s): Horse Drawn Carriage company, Jon Nauman

Best Decorated: Chugiak Senior Center

Best Nonprofit: Chugiak Lions

Most patriotic: A military entry

Alaska’s latest world champion is a hot shot from Chugiak.

20-year-old marksman Matt Toth helped Team U.S.A. to a dramatic win July 6-9 at the Federation Internationale de Tirs aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC) Sporting Clays Junior World Championships at the Galgamasca Shooting Ground near Budapest, Hungary. Toth is a Chugiak High grad who frequently hones his skills at the Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park.

Toth joined teammates Braxton Oliver and Dominic Gross in defeating second-place Great Britain by a single point.