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Stacey Eichenlaub pulled her Dodge Neon into the driveway on Eagle River’s Walrus Circle so she could run inside and grab a paint swatch on the evening of May 21.

Her two young children waited in the Neon, strapped in car seats.

But within minutes, Eichenlaub’s 3-year-old son managed to unbuckle his restraints, scramble into the front seat, find a purse tucked under the passenger seat — and grab the .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver inside. Eichenlaub had the swatch and was about to head back out to the car when she hard a single gunshot.

Easels will join kayaks and tents on the shores of Eklutna Lake this weekend for a new program designed to bring more artists into Alaska’s state parks.

A moose mother found Eagle River’s Sanctuary Drive to be just that recently when she used a family’s back yard there as a sanctuary for her two newborn calves.

Carol Douthit said her family hosted the moose for week before the mama eventually allowed them to leave the relative safety of the Douthit’s fenced-in back yard.

“They were here from Sunday to Sunday,” Douthit said in an interview Monday, May 28.

Douthit said the moose were born in a nearby yard on May 20, and the mother quickly took residence behind the house her family has lived in for 10 years.

I always wanted to see if I could bike from Eagle River to the end of the Anchorage Coastal Trail and back—roughly 45 miles by my calculation. I finally got around to it May 10 under partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the high 40s and low 50s, with green just popping out in the trees.

Talk about a road trip.

2011 Eagle River High graduate Ariel Zlatkovski is currently on a cross-country excursion to visit all 50 states in the U.S. As of May 22, Zlatkovski had been traveling for 86 days and visited 17 states.

A new hydroelectric plant rising on the South Fork of Eagle River represents the municipality’s first small urban hydroelectric plant, a new source of renewable energy that’s expected to power as many as 1,000 homes in the area.

It also marks the culmination of a decades-long dream powered by nearly 50 years of pioneer spirit and dedication.

To say Corey Cogdell has trained her entire life to become one of the world’s best shooters would be a lie. In fact, she had to wait all the way until her second birthday before she could even hold a gun.

“When she was a year and a half, Corey was going, ‘Daddy, I want to shoot,’” recalled her father, Dick, during an interview on Monday, May 21 — one day after his daughter, 25, qualified for her second Summer Olympics in trap shooting.


Conor Daugharty’s battle to overcome injuries suffered in a devastating car accident didn’t end when the Eagle River man crossed the stage at Sullivan Arena on May 12 to receive his business degree from UAA.

“I’ve come quite a ways,” Daugharty, 25, said during an interview at Jitters Coffee Shop on May 12. “But I still have a lot to do.”

Anchorage Police said a 16-year-old driver swerved to avoid a vehicle stopped on the Glenn Highway just south of the Eagle River bridge and left the roadway near the northbound Eagle River bridge shortly before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22.

The green Subaru Outback came to rest about a quarter of the way down the hill toward the Eagle River below.

APD patrol officer Ronald Stevenson said the driver and two passengers — the boy's parents — did not need medical attention.

"Just minor bumps and bruises," Stevenson said.