Reflections at Christmas Time

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 23:00

This morning, I’m sitting at my desk reflecting upon Christ’s return that was the topic of a recent worship service. Each scripture read was filled with encouragement and certainty of Christ coming again. After reading a scripture, the preacher would ask, “Are you ready for his return?”

Each time he asked, the words echoed deep within me. Now I am thinking, am I living, thinking and breathing the simple instructions Christ gave his followers to love one another? Is my prayer, “Thy will be done,” reflected to others through my actions and attitudes?

I wanted to brag to myself that I’m ready, but Christ can see my heart and knows what’s genuine and what self-righteous pride is.

One more time, I had to go and surrender, present to God my folly and ask the Holy Spirit to move within me and help me. Again, as always, the Holy Spirit met me just where I am in life and began to show me how I can be alert and ready for Christ’s return.

I’m six months pregnant and filled with excitement and anticipation for the birth of our next child. However, sometimes I grow weary of waiting. When my patience wears thin little movements of the baby rekindled my hope. This is the example Holy Spirit is using to teach, guide and help me live the expectation of Christ’s return.

During the holiday season, all Christians are expecting in the spirit. We celebrate this time of Jesus’ birth, happy that God came to us as a child.

Through this remembering, we know our life in him must first be conceived, then grown to change us, and then live through us so we may then share his love with all we meet.

Expecting a baby makes me want to take care of my body. Likewise, expecting Christ make me want to love the spiritual temple that houses the living spirit of God. Both must be nourished, one with nutritious food, sleep and healthy habits; the other with daily prayer, Bible study and righteous thinking. We understand and can know with certainty that it takes nine months for a human baby to develop and come to us through birth.

When will Christ return?

The scriptures tell us not even the angels know but he will come when it is time. Until that happens, you and I must wait upon the Lord. This is not idle waiting. It is active loving, caring expectation that produces lives changed and perfected for that glorious day when we see him face to face.


Endnote: These reflections were made 26 years ago, and I’m still waiting upon the Lord’s return. Today, our daughter, who we were expecting when I first wrote this piece, is expecting her own baby girl. We are thrilled. It’s also reminds me that each generation must learn to wait upon the Lord. Through the years, the Lord has changed my perception of waiting on him from just passing time until he returns to the realization of waiting like a waitress waits upon her customers. This is developing a servant’s mentality. When Christ does come for his Church, will he find her waiting with an attitude, “What took you so long?” or, “Oh, Happy Day, look and see how your kingdom is advancing?”

However you respond, Jesus will return. On this truth we can put our trust.

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