LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hard to forgive for irreplaceable loss

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 09:42

I have officially lost faith in humanity and this universe as a whole.

Last Thursday evening (Oct. 22) about 7:20 while at Fred Meyer, my back window got smashed and someone broke in my car and stole my flight bag. Everything in there is literally nothing he can use. No money no nothing. I had a flashlight, flight attendant cards, a toothbrush, and a library book. But I also had my Bryan journal in there. A journal that my friend Amber gave me the day of my brother’s funeral.

And I’ve written to him everyday in that for the past 10 months. Also in that journal were my favorite pictures of the two of us and also his service program.

This lowlife stole something from me that has absolutely no financial value, but irreplaceable to me. I feel like my big brother was once again taken away from me. I believe in karma, but I also believe in forgiveness. It’s so hard for me to dig deep and forgive this low life for taking the most valuable thing I have in my heart, but I know Bryan never would hold a grudge. He’d always say, “forgive and forget”.

So for you, brother, I forgive the person that stole the closest thing to you I had. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hoping, wishing, and praying that journal finds its way back to me.

Miranda Wild

818-317-9511 or 907-301-3150


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