There THEY go again...Spendthrifts!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 10:17

Many of us remember the famous line, “there you go again!” used by Ronald Reagan during his campaign against incumbent President Jimmy Carter on October 28, 1980, during a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  That statement applies in Anchorage this election cycle as we have come to expect the same efforts to overspend a mandated tax cap every time a liberal mayor takes over. There THEY go again…

Results of this year’s election will impact Eagle River-Chugiak homeowners and parents for at least 20 years.

Beginning this week voters who will be absent may request a vote-by-mail ballot. On March 28 voters in Eagle River and Chugiak can vote early at the Chugach Eagle River Senior Center. An early vote will send an important message to those short-sighted people who once again are doing what they always try to do—spend more taxpayer money. There THEY go again…

This ballot has several issues that WILL affect your taxes

Proposition 8, if approved puts into the charter language that restricts the Assembly from using a property tax calculation using weasel words “could have collected” instead of the current words “have collected.” This proposition currently limits or caps the taxes the Municipality can collect on your home. There THEY go again…

School Bonds are still under the State spending moratorium enacted by the Legislature last spring, meaning the previous local government 60 Percent Off Coupon has expired.  Voters authorized $57 million in Anchorage School District bonds last year; ASD sold $79 million in bonds this fall; and, ASD is asking for  $49 million in bonds to be approved this year.  This means a total $182 million in bonds with no state match. There THEY go again…

This year THEY want you to fund:


(ASD spent the mx money on operations so now must borrow $)

• 1 exterior waterline replacement

• 9 roof replacements

• 18 security camera upgrades

• 4 building intercoms

• 2 seismic upgrades

• 8 safety upgrades

• 3 energy upgrades

• 2 mechanical upgrades

• 3 electrical upgrades

Design work (previously paid 100% by the State)

•Seismic Study

• Mt Iliamna design, 38 students, $2.6 million.

• Whaley design, 70 students, $1.4 million.

The Anchorage League of Women Voters has produced a pamphlet providing pro and con arguments for Prop 8 to help voters make wise choices. Too bad they didn’t demonstrate the courage to provide a pro and con argument for these bonds.

ASD’s propaganda will be sent to registered voters directly--whether property owners or not--and will present no pro/con bond information. This effort to sell a pig-in-a-poke is paid for by $45,000 from the ASD Communications Department using precious education dollars. There THEY go again…

Supporters of these local bonds include The School Bonds Yes group ( including architects who will directly benefit from the design work. They want homeowners to make installment payments over 20 years to pay for maintenance and design of ASD facilities this year. The largest three contributors to this cause: McCool Carlson Green, Nvision Architecture, Inc. and Bezek Durst Seiser. There THEY go again…

In these uncertain economic times we must vote Yes on 8 to limit the MOA’s ability to raise your taxes based on money the Municipality might have received under different circumstances, and No on School Bonds. It’s what you have to do when your kid spends all his or her allowance and wants more toys.

Tough love is in order.

David Nees

School Board Candidate

Member, Alaska Sustainable Education Task Force

28 year ASD math teacher (retired)

Editor’s note: This opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of Chugiak-Eagle River Star. The Star accepts submission of opinions at [email protected].

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