Demboski Joins Trump Campaign as Co-Chair

Friday, June 3, 2016 - 15:47
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Amy Demboski doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to make it to the Oval Office.

Call it a desire to see the New York senator and likely Democratic presidential nominee defeated in her bid for the White House or label it a mission or a want, but Demoski is going past her role as an Anchorage Assembly member representing the Chugiak-Eagle River area taking on responsibility as one of 20 co-chairs for the Alaska vein of the Donald Trump campaign.

“In my view, Hillary Clinton is too dangerous for this nation,” Demboski said in a Tuesday afternoon phone interview with The Star on her way to her 4 p.m. radio show in The Valley. “If we do not defeat Hillary Clinton this year, our freedoms will erode even further and we will have a much more dangerous world.”

Demboski points out that under Clinton’s leadership as Secretary of State, China expanded its military and nuclear threat, North Korea became even more hostile toward the United States and Russia began beefing up its northern border with numerous other countries.

Demboski does not believe Clinton is qualified on foreign policy – a political spot Clinton clings to in her campaigns.

“I don’t think she (Clinton) has the capability she thinks she has to defend the United States in foreign policy,” Demboski said. “I believe Trump will be the strongest on national defense.”

She wasn’t always an ardent Trump supporter.

She joined the billionaire businessman’s campaign a couple weeks ago after it became apparent that her first pick – Sen. Ted Cruz – would not win the Republican nomination.

“Originally I was on the Cruz leadership team and there is no doubt that whenever the choice is regarding a Constitutional conservative, then Ted Cruz is the best pick,” she said. “But now that Trump will have won the nomination, we have two choices.”

She thinks Trump is a winner for Alaska: Demboski said Trump has demonstrated strong support for the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms and Trump is a support of diversified energy that includes additional oil drilling and coal exploration.

So while Demboski waits for the Trump campaign to get buttons and yard signs up to Alaska, she is making plans to stump for Trump a few weekends this summer.

She wants to convince other Republicans to not stay away from the voting booth even if their first pick wasn’t Trump

“I want to reach out to conservative circles to help put in to perspective what is at stake in this election and what the threat to our nation is,” Demboski said.

But she won’t be using The Amy Demboski show broadcast Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. on KVNT “The Talk of the Valley” at FM 92.5 and 1020 AM.

“I talk about current events all the time on the radio, but on the radio, I present both sides of the issues,” she said.

Demboski does have some picks for a Trump vice president.

She likes Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House.

“He certainly comes with his own set of challenges, but he also is somebody who really understands how to get legislation through and understands foreign policy,” Demboski said.

She likes Governors Mike Huckabee and Susana Martinez. Demboski considers the later a prime choice because she appeals to a broad base of Republicans and her status as a female Hispanic may draw in many voters that cannot identify with Trump.

So, what doesn’t Demboski like about Trump?

Pretty much the same thing others complain about: His name calling.

“The whole ‘Crooked Hillary’ and the ‘Lying Ted’ thing is a turn-off,” she said. “I do think it would be appropriate to tone that down.”

On the flip side of that, Demboski does like Trump directness, saying it can be considered a strength if it gives voters a straight-forward approach.

Jim Crawford, a longtime Republican Party activist is the Trump Alaska chair.

Other public figures serving with Demboski as co-chairs are: Tom Anderson, a former state representative found guilty of money-laundering, bribery and conspiracy charges in 2007 and now working as the Trump Alaska public relations manager; Anderson’s former wife, state Sen. Lesil McGuire, founder of the Alaska Women’s Summit,; Mike Chenault, the state’s longest serving House speaker; former Alaska Senate President Drue Pearce, Jerry Prevo, pastor of the Anchorage Baptist Temple and mover and shaker within national conservative circles; Glenn Biegel, a conservative talk show host and Gabrielle Rubenstein, daughter of Alaska Dispatch News publisher Alice Rogoff and David Rubenstein.

Mead Treadwell, former lieutenant governor; state Sen. John Coghill, R-North Pole; Rick Mystrom, former Anchorage mayor; and Dan Fauske, fomer head of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, serve as Trump Alaska policy advisors.

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Editor's Update: the Star has learned that Tom Anderson is no longer on the Trump Alaska committee.

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