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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 12:46

Last week Leos and Lions had the pleasure of meeting Leo Othmar from Austria, who is an Omega Leo. In the United States was have Alpha Leos. The difference is their ages: Alpha Leos are 13-18 and Omega Leos are 19-30. There are a few Omega Leo clubs in America but the standard is Alpha Leos who are under a Lions club that sponsor them.

Omega Lions stand on their own and have their own projects and bank accounts. They are not governed by a Lions Club. He is traveling to 50 countries and documenting what Leo are doing around the world.

Othmar spent six days with Leos from around Southcentral Alaska working projects and getting a firsthand look at what Leos here do for their community. The Leos provided a spaghetti dinner to Kids Kitchen in Fairview, visited the Blood Bank to see the Lion’s Room, the District Governor introduced him to a few clubs on her official visits and made ceramics with the Leos for seniors.

Lion leaders were able to get a sneak preview of his photos to be included in the Leo Book. The weather was beautiful the entire week and Othmar was able to see a small part of our beautiful state, glaciers and our four legged friends at the Conservation Center at Portage. The Aurora Borealis even cooperated for him allowing some amazing pictures.

Othmar says, “It’s about not dreaming your dream, but doing it.”

Traveling around the world is something he has really wanted to do. To date he has traveled to 40 countries.

Othmar started work on this project in 2011 and made the first visit to a country in 2013. He is combing his travels by documenting everything with his photography. The book will be introduced to the World at our Centennial Celebration in Chicago in June 2017.

Othmar googled Leo Clubs and found them in America. He then wrote letters to various club leaders and advisors asking to visit. Alaskans knew we had to be a part of this book.

Being from a small town in Austria he likes being with small town people as we stick together and everyone knows everyone. It is like a big, huge family. Lions across Alaska are very busy serving our community so he chose Anchorage to spotlight our Leos here.

He is telling the story of how Leos raise money and take care of their community needs. The book will be a chronological presentation of what he observed on his visits to the 50 countries. He is looking to inspire young people around the world.

Othmar’s goal is not to become rich with this book but to bring information to the world and hopefully show people are the same, remove prejudicial ideas.

If you would like to learn more about Lions and Leos please visit There are several Lions Clubs and the Bear Mountain Leos here in Chugiak-Eagle River. Find all of us on Facebook for events and meetings. Call me if you need help, Karen 242-1129.

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