Chugiak edges Eagle River at range

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 10:56
  • Eagle River Sophomore Maddie Bidinger pauses to steady herself at the Chugiak vs. Eagle River riflery match last Friday, Oct. 21. (Photo by Michael Dinneen for the Star)
  • Chugiak’s Keaton Torgerson warms up before the match vs. Eagle River last Friday, Oct. 21. (Photo by Michael Dinneen for the Star)

Eagle River riflery team member Maddie Bidinger took a slow and steady approach to her shooting in Friday’s match with Chugiak. Though comfortably within the time limits for both the standing and kneeling positions, she was one of the last shooter on the line for both disciplines. Her approach paid off; she finished in fifth place for the match, trailing only leaders and teammates Haley Nicholson and Ashtin Bennett.

Nicholson and Bennett topped the night tying with 287s; however, that was not quite enough to stop the Chugiak’s A and B teams from picking up 4 points for their wins with their top shooter Dana Gay.

Eagle River’s C Team received 2 points for their win and an additional 1 point for Eagle River’s overall team total of 3,212 to Chugiak’s team total of 3,185.

Of her performance at the match, Eagle River sophomore Bidinger (280 points) said, “I felt really stable today, I like the competitions,” adding that for her, the sport is 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical.

Chugiak’s Keaton Torgerson agreed.

“It’s so mental, it’s overwhelming,” he said.

Practicing nearly every day, he finds the matches less intense than the competitions.


A team

Chugiak (1,137): Dana Gay 286, Hunter Hall 285, CJ Hatt 283, Hanna Fitzgerald 283.

Eagle River (1,128): Haylee Nicholson 287, Ashtin Bennett 287, Madeline Bidinger 280, Daniel Foshee, 274.

B team

Chugiak (1,087): Julia Koehler 281, Jacob Torres 280, Braden Shackleford 263, Chris Elder 263.

Eagle River (1,074): Haley McGrew 274, Ian Soellers 267, Brandon Rose 267, Spencer Singleton 266.

C team

Eagle River (1,010): Lauren Flanagan 260, Grace Rochon 255, Colby Fletcher 248, Ava Perkins 247.

Chugiak (961): Colton Sinerius 253, Keaton Torgenson 248, Colton Lake 243, Kao Lee Yang 217.


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