Local students enroll as National Merit Scholars at Montana State

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 11:15
  • Montana State University Honors College students, from top left, Evan Iddings, Lindsey Skeel, Noelle Coniglio (Eagle River), Taylor Blossom, Haley Ketteler, Zach Miller, Grant Klug (Anchorage) and Tarl Briggs are members of MSU’s National Merit Scholarship Program. (MSU Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez)

BOZEMAN – Noelle Coniglio of Eagle River and Grant Klug of Anchorage are among 12 National Merit Scholars who have enrolled at Montana State University for the fall semester.

Coniglio is majoring in exercise science and Klug in chemical engineering.

The students had scores that were in the top 1 percent of all initial entrants in the National Merit Scholarship competition.

The process of becoming a National Merit Scholar begins with an annual preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship qualifying test, given each fall. From the initial testing, about 50,000 students are identified as potential semifinalists, based on their scores. Roughly 16,000 will make the cut.

Semifinalists are required to submit final SAT scores, high school academic records, endorsements and recommendations from school officials and an application that includes extracurricular and volunteer activities and a personal essay. Those students who are judged to have excelled in all areas, approximately 15,000 of the original 1.6 million students, will be chosen as National Merit finalists.

As well as being National Merit scholars, all of the 12 incoming freshmen are members of the Honors College.

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