Locals nominated to military academies

Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 14:50

U.S. Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, along with Rep. Don Young have announced their military service academy nominations for the class of 2021, a group that includes numerous students from hailing from Eagle River and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

Nominated by Sen. Sullivan to the U.S. Air Force Academy were Eagle River’s Savannah Bassett, Micah Foreman, Nathan Guillermo, Elizabeth Kim, Brody Lambert, Brady McGee and Cole Mooty. Also nominated were JBER residents Michael Anderson and Grant Barkhurst. Bassett, Foreman and Mooty were also nominated to the U.S. Military Academy, as were Elias Markose and Brandon Brooks of JBER.

JBER’s Cameron Shideler was nominated to the U.S. Naval Academy.

In addition to her nominations to the Air Force and U.S. Military Academy, Bassett was also nominated to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

“This year’s selection of candidates was exceptional,” Sullivan said in a press release accompanying his announcement. “All exhibited the characteristics that will help them to success as leaders in our nation’s military: academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and a commitment to serving their community and nation.”

Rep. Young nominated Bassett, Brooks and Markose to the U.S. Military Academy; he also recommended Barkhurst, Guillermo, Lambert, McGee, and Mooty to the U.S. Air Force Academy, along with Eagle River’s Nicolas Osborne and JBER’s Justus Tiffany. Young nominated JBER’s Stephanie Oliva to the U.S. Naval Academy and Anderson to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Sen. Murkowski nominated Foreman and Tiffany to the U.S. Air Force Academy, Osborne and Shideler to the U.S. Naval Academy; Brooks, Markose and Mooty to the U.S. Military Academy; and Bassett to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

The nominees were reviewed by a nine-member statewide board, which interviewed applicants and made recommendations. Board members included service academy alumni, combat veterans, National Guard members and others familiar with the nomination process.

Sullivan said the process of nominating students to the various service academies is a highlight of his job as a senator.

“The backgrounds and experiences of these young Alaskans is humbling — I am so impressed with this field of exceptional future leaders who want to serve their country. It is an honor to be a part of this process,” he said.

Here’s the complete list of Sullivan’s nominees:

U.S. Air Force Academy:
· Michael Anderson – JBER
· Grant Barkhurst – JBER
· Savannah Bassett – Eagle River*
· Thomas Chandler – Big Lake
· Micah Foreman – Eagle River*
· Nathan Guillermo – Eagle River
· Ethan Isaacson – Anchorage*
· Elizabeth Kim – Eagle River
· Brody Lambert – Eagle River
· Madeline Larson – Wasilla*
· Kade Leonard – Eielson AFB
· Andrew Luiken – Anchorage
· Brady McGee – Eagle River
· Raymond Metzger – Anchorage
· Cole Mooty – Eagle River*
· Cole Phelps – Anchorage
· Dillon Scarboro – North Pole
· Emi Siler – Eielson AFB
· Brynn Sulte – Anchorage*
· Delana Wesen – Anchorage*
U.S. Military Academy:
· Christopher Bailey – Anchorage
· Savannah Bassett – Eagle River*
· Nathaniel Beck – Ketchikan
· Brandon Brooks – JBER
· Micah Foreman – Eagle River*
· Perry Fulton – Fairbanks
· Bradley Grover – Wasilla*
· Andrew Hampton – Anchorage
· Ethan Isaacson – Anchorage*
· Madeline Larson – Wasilla*
· Elias Markose – JBER
· Cole Mooty – Eagle River*
· Taylor Mulkins – Palmer
· Dawson Nash – Palmer
· Kevin “Max” Sargent – Anchorage
· Gerik Sherrill – Ketchikan*
· Brynn Sulte – Anchorage*
· Charles “Joe” Tung – Anchorage*
U.S. Naval Academy:
· Amelia Butler – Wasilla
· Mary “Katie” Crowley – Palmer
· Kevin Davison – North Pole
· Gary Eakin – Kotzebue
· Ryan Kavalok – Palmer
· Jeffrey Lautrup – Palmer
· Fintan Nakada – Anchorage
· John Norton – Kodiak
· Cameron Shideler – JBER
· Delana Wesen – Anchorage*
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy:
· Savannah Bassett – Eagle River*
· Bradley Grover – Wasilla*
· Gerik Sherrill – Ketchikan*
· Charles “Joe” Tung – Anchorage*
· Delana Wesen – Anchorage*

*Received more than one nomination from Senator Sullivan

Here's the complete list of Rep. Young's nominees:
U.S. Military Academy – West Point, New York:

Savannah N. Bassett, Eagle River

Brandon M. Brooks, JBER

Madison A. Clark, Tok

Robert M. Kilbourn, Fairbanks

Madeline L. Larson, Wasilla

Elias Markose, JBER

Taylor B. Mulkins, Palmer

Holden S. Quinn, Palmer

Kevin M. Sargent, Anchorage

Brynn P. Sulte, Anchorage

U.S. Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, Colorado:

Grant A. Barkhurst, JBER

Amelia S. Butler, Wasilla

Mary K. Crowley, Palmer

Nathan D. Guillermo, Eagle River

Robert W. Haan, Palmer

Ethan L. Isaacson, Anchorage

Reese K.T. Kodama, Anchorage

Brody C. Lambert, Eagle River

Kade J. Leonard, Eielson AFB

Andrew M. Luiken, Anchorage

Brady A. McGee, Eagle River

Raymond W. Metzger, Anchorage

Tanner M. Michie, Ft. Greely

Cole M. Mooty, Eagle River

Fintan T. Nakada, Anchorage

Nicolas J. Osborne, Eagle River

Cole R. Phelps, Anchorage

Cameron R. Shideler, Anchorage

Emi N. Siler, North Pole

Justus N. Tiffany, JBER

U.S. Naval Academy – Annapolis, Maryland:

Christopher M. Bailey, Anchorage

Thomas C. Chandler, Big Lake

Kyle P. Collins, Anchorage

Andrew T. Hampton, Anchorage

Walter S. Nagel, Palmer

Dawson L. Nash, Palmer

John W. Norton, Kodiak

Stephanie R. Oliva, JBER

Matthew N. Piscoya, Fairbanks

Charles J. Tung, Anchorage

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy – Kings Point, New York:

Michael K. Anderson, JBER

Bradley J. Grover, Wasilla

Tamryn G. Hodge, Bethel

Ryan H. Kavalok, Palmer

Jeffrey W. Lautrup, Palmer

Dillon T. Scarboro, North Pole

Gerik C. Sherrill, Ketchikan

Conner P. Verfaillie, Valdez

Delana M. Wesen, Anchorage

U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

1. Beck, Nathanial - Ketchikan
2. Crowley, Mary “Katie” - Palmer
3. Foreman, Micah - Eagle River
4. Metzger, Raymond - Anchorage
5. Michie, Tanner - Delta Junction
6. Mosakowski, Jacob - Wasilla
7. Nakada, Fintan - Anchorage
8. Pabon, Joseph - Anchorage
9. Tiffany, Justus - JBER
10. Tung, Charles “Joe” - Anchorage

U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

1. Chandler, Thomas - Big Lake
2. Larson, Madeline - Wasilla
3. Lautrup, Jeffrey - Palmer
4. Leonard, Kade - Eielson AFB
5. Osborne, Nicolas - Eagle River
6. Pieper, Niklas - Anchorage
7. Quinn, Holden - Palmer
8. Scarboro, Dillon - North Pole
9. Shideler, Cameron - JBER
10. Siler, Emi - Eielson AFB

U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY

1. Brooks, Brandon - JBER
2. Cline, Robert - North Pole
3. Downey, Henry - Anchorage
4. Fulton, Perry - Fairbanks
5. Isaacson, Ethan - Anchorage
6. Markose, Elias - JBER
7. Mooty, Cole - Eagle River
8. Mulkins, Taylor - Palmer
9. Sargent, Kevin “Max” - Anchorage
10. Verfaille, Connor - Valdez

U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY

1. Bassett, Savannah - Eagle River
2. Grover, Bradley - Wasilla
3. Sherrill, Gerik - Ketchikan
4. Wesen, Delana - Anchorage

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