Eagle River council briefed on mail-in election procedure

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 11:02
  • Eagle River residents who choose not to mail their municipal election ballot can drop it at the drop box located at 12001 Business Boulevard no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day, April 3. (Photo courtesy Municipality of Anchorage)

The Eagle River Community Council met last Thursday to discuss voting protocol for the upcoming municipal election, capital improvement projects, reports from the Eagle River Community Patrol, and to listen to individuals running for various offices in upcoming elections.

Mail-in Ballots

Carol Thompson of the Alaska Division of Elections in Anchorage informed residents about the new voting protocol for upcoming municipal elections. Residents must register to vote by no later than March 4 to participate. Ballots will be mailed from Washington state to registered voters on March 13.

Once received, voters must fill out their ballot, slip it into the security sleeve provided, and sign the envelope. Without a signature, the vote will be discarded. No identifiers will be included on the actual ballot. Barcodes for individual voters prevent individuals from voting multiple times.

Residents will have three options to return their ballot:

1) Mailing the ballot, ensuring it is postmarked by Election Day, April 3.

2) Putting the ballot into the drop box located at 12001 Business Boulevard no later than 8 p.m. on April 3. Drop boxes will open 3 weeks prior to the election and remain open 24/7.

3) Returning the ballot to the Accessible Vote Center at Eagle River Town Center no later than 8 p.m. on April 3.

Voters who lose their ballots or who have special hindrances are encouraged to contact Municipal Elections at 907-243-8683, email [email protected], or visit their website at muni.org/elections.

Capital Improvement Projects

Mark Littlefield, general foreman of Eagle River Street Maintenance, informed attendees that the current funds allocated for overlay paving will become more available within a few years for other capital improvement projects. Littlefield urged Eagle River residents to submit ideas for capital improvement projects to ERSM.

Eagle River Community Patrol

Cliff Cook of the Eagle River Community Patrol informed attendees that Eagle River has had 20 incidences reported to APD in the last 30 days. He cautioned drivers to not leave their vehicles running while shopping, because would-be thieves target running vehicles.

Cook warned homeowners to keep their garage doors closed because of potential theft and the pipes might freeze. For more safety tips, and to post pertinent information, visit the patrol’s Facebook page at Eagle River Community Patrol.

School Bonds Update

Elisa Snelling, Treasurer of the Anchorage School Board, spoke about the $50.6 million bond for roof replacements and repairs. She also addressed a $13.1 million deficit in the general fund budget for 2018-2019 if ASD maintains its budget from the previous year. Closing the gap will mean making cuts to schools next year.

For more information, visit the Anchorage School District website at https://www.asdk12.org/Page/5533.

Candidates visit

Anchorage mayoral candidate Rebeca Logan spoke at the meeting. She believes her experience in business gives her a fresh perspective on crime and will aid her in addressing challenges faced by citizens of Eagle River and Anchorage in general.

Don Smith also spoke. He is running for the Anchorage School Board, and he emphasized his record in public service as a state legislator and Anchorage assemblyman, during which he said he created the city’s tax cap. If elected, he will champion efficient management of ASD’s resources.

In conclusion, Timothy Ebben, chaired the meeting for his first time as ERCC’s president, said he is enthusiastic about the good he can do for the community by working with residents.

Ebben believes a diverse group of residents voicing their concerns ensures the interests of the Eagle River as a whole are met. He said, “No one can do it all in their own.”

The ERCC’s next meeting will be on March 8 at 7 p.m., room 170 at 12001 Business Blvd.

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