Eagle River High School graduates 213

Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 12:37
  • Eagle River valedictorian speaks during the Eagle River High School graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage. (Star photo by Matt Tunseth)
  • Eagle River High School principal Marty Lang applauds during the school’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage. (Star photo by Matt Tunseth)
  • Eagle River High School held its graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage (Star photo by Matt Tunseth)
  • Eagle River High School held its graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage. (Star photo by Matt Tunseth)
  • Members of the Eagle River Air Force JROTC color guard prepare to present the colors during the Eagle River High School graduation on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage. (Star photo by Matt Tunseth)

Graduation ceremonies are by definition a time for change, but Eagle River High’s was particularly so as the school’s principal said goodbye to the school where he’s spent the last 13 years of his career.

“I too am leaving behind what is familiar and comfortable and stepping into a challenging unknown,” said Marty Lang, who is leaving for a job in the district office after seven years as the ERHS principal.

Lang said the day was an emotional one for himself as well as the 213 ERHS and 57 Alaska Middle College seniors in attendance.

“I too am experiencing my own mix of emotions in all of that,” he said. “I want to thank you seniors though for allowing me to be part of your journey up to this point. You have been the best part of my job.”

The bittersweetness of graduation day was on display throughout the ceremony, including a rendition of Green Day’s ubiquitous graduation ballad “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Mason Wadsworth and stirring speeches by valedictorian Luke Mouracade and class speaker Geena Graf.

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A self-described “nerd,” Mouracade said the challenges of high school will pale in comparison to those the graduates face over the course of their lives.

“As challenging as the last four years have been, we are now entering the real world,” he said. “And from what I’ve heard, it isn’t exactly going to get any easier from here on out.”

Despite the challenges ahead, Mouracade said he and his fellow graduates are ready to take on the world — despite naysayers who decry their generation.

“If you listened to some people, you would think that we have no hope. You would think that our generation — the future leaders, movers and shakers and caretakers of the world — is too busy playing Fortnight and eating Tide Pods to open a book, much less analyze and solve today’s toughest problems; that we are no match for the complexity and sheer magnitude of the problems that are left for us to solve,” he said. “But I disagree. And if you look around the country, and if you see the things people our age are doing, I think you will too.”

Mouracade said the graduates are more than ready.

“Our work is just beginning. But I have tremendous confidence in our ability over the next few years to grow into our roles as reflective, thoughtful and involved citizens of the United States.”

Graf reflected on failure and urged the class never to give up on its dreams.

“Make more mistakes, take more risks and push yourself above the limit,” she said.

Keynote speaker Perry Lewis, an English teacher at the school, urged seniors to live up to their full potential.

“If you yearn for greatness, become great, but don’t simply sit away from it,” he said. “There are a million and one wannabes that sit around and critique other people that are actually out doing it.”

Before the class members filed across the stage to receive their diplomas, Lang delivered one final message as principal in the form of a question:

“I’ll ask one more time — are you ready?” he said.

“Yeah!” the graduates shouted in unison.

“Then will the Eagle River Class of 2018 please rise..”

Eagle River High School

Class of 2018

Valedictorian: Luke Mouracade

Saludatorian: Tamara Brabson

Joseph T Adams

Kedric A Adams

*** Joshua A Agron

Eila K Alatervo

Chandler S Annis

Ethen E Arwood

Isaiah K Atseriak

Lauren R Axtell

Jordan A Baeza

Christian J Baldridge

Fernando E Batista Rivera

*** Isiah R Bauzon

Sierra R Beckman

Jackson B Belcher

Noah C Benford

** Ashtin C Bennett

Collin R Blank

Brianne M Blount

Kailee J Bluhm

Christopher K Bodde

Thomas E Bolin

Madison T Boutwell

*** Tamara B Brabson Salutatorian

Destinee’ M Bradley

Conner A Braendel

McKenzie A Breedlove-Donlon

*** Abigail L Brooks

Norrin M Burley

Grant L Burningham

Cody R Butikofer

Matthew A Calkins

Michael A Capozzi

** Colby B Carpenter

Faith M Carroll

Kaenan S Casey

Lewis W Cates

Analisa M Cederberg

* Rachel C Chaffey

Alishya R Chapman

Elias M Christian

* Sydni N Clark

*** Caydence ‘Pixie’ K Cogswell

Gavin MA Conley

* Dorothy A Cook

Devin L Cox

Ryan B Danigole

Kirsten I Delozier

Madeline RI Dennis

Rick J Dettlinger

Jimmy J Dewberry

Hunter P Ebersole

** Steven R Eggelston

** Angel J Espinoza

Mia L Evans

Kevin P Fast

Chyna Z Finley

Colby A Fletcher

Tyler J Flowers

Daniel A Foshee

*** Corey F Frazier

Christian M Frederick

Jack M Freer

Gage A Friesen

Kevin E Gabbert

Ryan P Gaivin

DeMar C Galloway

Jenna AN Gelston

Sara G George

Jean C Gonzalez Caez

* Christopher W Goolsby

Taylor A Gosizk

Geena R Graf

Nyara I Guardo

Megan G Hancox

* Kiara C Harris

Payden S Harris

Sean C Harris

** Brianna D Helmso

** Joseph P Herr

Denver T Hoffman

Brandon S Hondolero

Camryn E Hudson

* Sarah E Hunsiker

Thomas S Huntington

Kristian S Ihrig

Lili A Jacso

*** Anya R Jeppson

Malikya AM Kaiser

Jakob L Knouse

Luke O Kosht

Austin W Kraft

Mark A Lemaire

Anescia A Lewis

Hezekiah A Lewis

Joshua S Linn

* Sierra A Love

Hannah C Lowery

Hunter A Lukacz

Catherine R Mack

*** Anna L MacKenzie

** Michael P Maddox

Alexis Madrigal

Nathan A Mallory

Jacob A Malone

*** Abigail L Martinez

Mikayla N Martinez

** Emily A Massie

Thomas R Massie

Amber E Mauger

Sophia E McAllister

Sutton J McDonald

* Abigail F Mercer

Brendan S Miles

** Marie-Terese X Miller

** Michael R Miller

Mati S Minton

Anthony M Mosley

*** Luke J Mouracade

Andrew D Murray

Mathew A Nations

* Nathaniel P Nielsen

** Nicole E Nielsen

** Lauren E Niemi

Antonio J Nino

** Tyreonta DA Norman

Amos J O’Brien

Ka’ohinani R Olaivar-Wong

*** Alex L Oleniczak

Blake T Oleniczak

*** Hayden P Painter

Cullen J Parks

Elizabeth A Patterson

Anthony B Perez

* Bonnie K Perkins

Joshawa R Petering

* Jon A Peterson

Audrey L Pettibone

Delaney H Pfender

* Josiah T Phillips

Jason A Pierce

Logan R Platz

Vincent K Pray

Gilberto E Ramos

Kenesha M Rand

Angel A Raymundo

Alexander S Reber

Michael T Reber

** Anna Z Ripp

Harley K Robinson

Mya J Robinson

* Caleb J Robles

Taylor J Rofidal

Curtis J Rowland

Ryan E Sabroski

Natalina M Sanchez

James San Nicolas JR

Justin K Schatz

Sina M Schmid Switzerland

Brittany N Schneider

* Jacob L Schwartz

* Riley K Sheldon

Ashlyn N Shoaf

Bryson A Smith

Nathan M Smith

Ryan C Smith

Ian A Soellers

Kylie N Squires

Tatiyana LD Stancill

Jillian A Stewart

** Samantha G Strandberg

Chace C Streeper

Heather R Streets

Tristan D Sullivan

Madison R Summey

Gary R Szekely JR

Ezekiel J Talton

Julianna F Teamer

Madison L Thomas

Michael E Thomas

Abigale R Thompson

Emery M Thornton

John R Timmins

** Reily C Tinsley

** Elizabeth M Tomter

** Raeanna L Trout

Adison J Valentin Espada

*** Isaac J Valley

* Caitlyn K Van Meter

Kaylie M Vincent

** Mason T Wadsworth

** Heather E Walker

Jaylun R Wallace

** Hailey E Walser

Liam J Walsh

Zachary J Webb

Logan GS Westerlin

Anna M Whittington

Gillian C Widdowson

Domenic G Wilkins

Anthony J Wilson

* Harley J Wittmer

* Emily N Workman

* Gabrielle C Wulff

Garrett N Yeagley

Mario C Zaochney

Sophia A Zaremba

Joshua Zellmann

Caitlin A Zoleske

Foreign Exchange Students

Rebeca Buregio Brazil

Alexia Canado Spain

Andreyan Ferreira Brazil

Ilane Pena France

Alice Vaccaro Italy

*Cum Laude

**Magna Cum Laude

*** Summa Cum Laude

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