ELECTION 2018: General election races now set

Friday, August 24, 2018 - 14:10
  • District 14 State House candidates Joe Hackenmueller, left, and Kelly Merrick. Nonpartisan Hackenmueller will be the Democratic party’s nominee in the November general election, while Merrick will represent Republicans on the ballot.
  • District 12 State House candidates Stephany Jeffers, left, and Cathy Tilton. Nonpartisan Jeffers will be the Democratic party’s nominee in the November general election, while Tilton will represent Republicans on the ballot.
  • District G State Senate candidates Oliver Schiess, left, and Lora Reinbold. Schiess will be the Democratic party’s nominee in the November general election, while Reinbold will represent Republicans on the ballot.
  • District 13 State House candidates Nancy Dahlstrom, left, and Danyelle Kimp. Dahlstrom will be the Republican party’s nominee in the November general election, while nonpartisan candidate Kimp won the Democratic Party’s nomination.

The votes are in. Now what?

Tuesday night’s primary elections narrowed the field for November’s general election, where Chugiak-Eagle River Republicans appear to have strong financial and electoral factors in their favor over Democratic nominees. In all four area races, the Republican nominees will enter the race with a substantial lead over their opponents — a factor that proved decisive in the primaries.

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District G race pits legislator against Marine

In the race for the Republican State Senate Seat G nomination, Lora Reinbold outraised Dan Saddler by about $10,000 and outpolled her former State House colleague by a 58-42 margin at the polls.

Reinbold will face former Marine Oliver Schiess in the general election. A self-described “fiscally conservative” Democrat, Schiess has never run for public office. He’s raised about $10,000 so far compared to Reinbold’s $60,000. On Tuesday, Schiess received all 1,075 votes cast by District G Democrats. He’ll need a lot more than that to get by Reinbold, who captured more than 2,600 of the nearly 4,500 cast in the Republican primary.

Incumbent, newcomer square off in District 12

In House District 12, Republican incumbent Cathy Tilton has raised more than $18,000 compared to less than $900 for newcomer Stephany Jeffers, a nonpartisan candidate who won the Democratic nomination. Both candidates ran unopposed Tuesday.

Army vet to take on Dahlstrom

In District 13, former area legislator Nancy Dahlstrom raised more than twice as much as either of her opponents and it paid off with a decisive win. Dahlstrom claimed the Republican nomination with 41.4 percent of the vote, with Craig Christenson and Bill Cook splitting the remaining votes down the middle.

Dahlstrom raised more than $23,000 in the primary, a figure that dwarfs the war chest so far gathered by Democratic nominee Danyelle Kimp. An Army veteran, Kimp has generated a little over $2,000 in funds for his campaign. On Tuesday, he received 349 votes — fewer than were cast for any of the three Republicans.

Merrick holds off challenger, will face Hackenmueller in general

Jamie Allard got the best bang for her buck of any local Republican candidate, but still came up just short in her race against Kelly Merrick for the District 14 Republican State House nominantion.

A first-time candidate, Allard raised a little over $6,000 compared to the $52,000 brought in by Merrick and $16,000 raised by Eugene Harnett. But Allard gave Merrick a run for her money, picking up 36.2 percent of the vote to finish just six points back of the Republican nominee.

Merrick will face nonpartisan candidate Joe Hackenmueller in the general election. Hackenmueller received 720 Democratic votes and has raised a little over $3,000.

Turnout low areawide as voters favor Dunleavy, Meyer ticket

About 20.5 percent of registered voters in District 12, 13 and 14 turned out for Tuesday’s elections, with the majority of voters turning out to vote in the Republican primary. A total of 9,076 votes were cast out of a possible 44,111, with more than 7,000 of those votes cast in the Republican primary.

Chugiak-Eagle River voters mirrored those statewide by picking Mike Dunleavy for the Republican nomination for governor and Kevin Meyer for lieutenant governor. Support was especially strong for Dunleavy, who outpolled Mead Treadwell by 2-to-1 margins in Chugiak-Eagle River and by 4-to-1 margins in Butte/Knik-Fairview precincts.

In the Democratic primary, local voters picked Mark Begich for governor and Debra Call for lieutenant governor by wide margins.

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By the numbers…

DISTRICT 12 (Chugiak/Peters Creek/Eklutna/Butte/Knik-Fairview)



Cathy Tilton 2,421 (100.0)


Stephany Jeffers 497 (100.0)


Turnout was 3,297/15,315 (21.5 percent). Highest was in Peters Creek No. 1 (22.6 percent), lowest in Fairview No. 2 (14.7 percent). Dunleavy was favored nearly 4-to-1 over Treadwell (76.5 percent) among Republican gubernatorial candidates.

DISTRICT 13 (Chugiak/Eagle River/JBER)



Nancy Dahlstrom 612 (41.4)

Craig Christenson 435 (29.4)

Bill Cook 432 (29.2)


Danyelle Kimp 349 (100.0)


Turnout was 1,937 out of 12,603 (15.37 percent). Highest turnout was Chugach Park No. 1 (25.5 percent), lowest was JBER No. 1, where just 91 out of 4,017 voters cast ballots (2.27 percent). Dahlstrom won 5 of 7 precincts, Cook won Chugiak by one vote over Dahlstrom, Christenson won JBER No. 1 by six votes over Dahlstrom. In the Senate, Reinbold won 5/7 precincts. Voters favored Dunleavy for governor by a more than 2-to-1 margin and narrowly picked Kevin Meyer over Edie Grunwald for lieutenant governor (476-471).

DISTRICT 14 (Eagle River)



Kelly Merrick 1,257 (42.6)

Jamie Allard 1,069 (36.2)

Eugene Harnett 624 (21.2)


Joe Hackenmueller 720 (100.0)


Turnout was 3,842 out of 16,193 (23.7 percent). Highest was in Meadow Creek No. 2 (29 percent), lowest was Eagle River No. 2 (19 percent). Reinbold won all seven precincts in the Senate. Merrick won seven of eight precincts in the House, Allard won Chugach Park No. 2 by 19 votes. Strong support for Dunleavy in the Republican govenror’s race (better than 2-to-1 margin over Treadwell) and a 14-point advantage for Meyer over Grunwald in the lieutenant governor’s race.

SENATE G (Chugiak/Eagle River/JBER)



*Lora Reinbold 2,631 (58.4)

Dan Saddler 1,874 (41.6)


*Oliver Schiess 1,075 (100.0)


Combined turnout for District 13 and 14 was 5,779 out of 28,797 (20 percent).

AREAWIDE (District 12, 13 and 14 total)

Turnout: 9,076 voters out of 44,111 registered (20.5 percent)

Clarification: This story has been altered to reflect that Allard got the best return for as a measure of votes per dollar raised among Republican candidates only.

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