A.E. Weisgerber

As the home to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, the Municipality of Anchorage including the towns of Eagle River and Chugiak are the definition of military-friendly.

There are many reasons the area appeals to vets, including community, livelihood, atmosphere, and work. In short, Alaska knows and understands its military population.

“If you are fortunate enough to have base access, the community spills over to the base and the base is part of the community,“ said Samuel Hudson, in an interview with the Star.

What is art, anyway?

Yale art philosopher Monroe Beardsley said it was an intentional “arrangement of conditions” that provides an aesthetic experience. A painter intentionally arranges colors on a canvas, a dancer moves with intent, an architect designs buildings that transform skylines in pleasing ways.

Art-lovers are displeased by public education’s treatment of art over the past 40 years.

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of the Alaska Science Olympiad, a statewide initiative that emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, also known as STEM.

Science Olympiad likens its annual competitions to “academic track meets,” and Eagle River fields a team.

Eric Dearborn, coach of Eagle River High School’s Science Olympiad Club, has been teaching for 21 years, both at Gruening Middle School and ERHS. In a telephone interview with the Star, Dearborn said the club has 30 members, split into two competition teams.

Don’t give chick flicks the cold shoulder; they provide warmth, inside and out. Although the term “chick flick” describes any film marketed to female audiences, box offices confirm widespread popularity.

An oft-quoted study in the Journal of Consumer Research argues “physical coldness may activate the motivation for psychological warmth.” When people feel physically cold, they look for ways to think sunny and warm thoughts.